Global standard for
Web3 AML & Data intelligence.

The core of our technology is our capacity to parse and share real time valuable insight from the blockchains to compliance officers, hedge funds, traders, regulators, retail users

Fast & Seamless

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Unique Functionality

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Smart Contracts

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Build Community

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Secure Financial

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API Functionality

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Welcome To Web3 Intelligence

Building blocks for the next generation internet

Our architecture and infrastructure already serve millions of requests every day.
We provide unique on-chain solutions for Defi builders and institutions that want to enter Defi with a standardised Financial pass certification. We provide analysts, hedge funds and quant with time sensitive formatted insights. We educate humans on the importance of the data stored on the decentralised ledgers.


Write smart contracts with inbuilt AML COMPLIANCE

Insert 1 line of code in your smart contract code et voila your smart contract is now regulatory compliant.


Built by developers,
for Compliance

When you are building a new piece of innovation, protect your users to interact from compromised wallets, make it compliant from the first line of code, make it easier for regulated institution to use your decentralised service.Adding 1 line of code in your smart contract, let you verify if the  connected wallet respect the regulation in term of anti money laundry.